our artifacts



Among our most bizarre artifacts is this collection of Dressed Fleas.  Yes, dressed fleas. Apparently this practice of adorning fleas was a pastime of Mexican prisoners and perhaps others. This artifact comes with the aid of a magnifying glass.  Each of the 3 squares -- boxes displaying scenes with dressed fleas -- is about the size of a penny.  So you can see why a magnifying glass is needed. Right-click on the image for a larger view.

Photo by Linda from camera


This artifact at the museum is unusual not only for the topic of its history but also for the curious way it made it to Snow Hill. This is the whistle from the 1930s luxury steamship which carried passengers between New York and Havana, Cuba; that is until 1934 when the ship mysteriously caught fire off the coast of New Jersey, killing over a hundred passengers. The event made international news. Click on link below or the image, to view an article about the S.S. Morro Castle.  In that article, there are links to two videos about the tragedy.

From the S.S. Morro Castle.  Click to learn more.